My Name is Luk Vermeulen. I am an architecture and technology enthusiast. And I love working with Metal!

Point clouds in VR

How could editing of point clouds be more intuitive and accessible? I programmed a prototype and wrote my bachelorthesis about segmenting and labeling of point clouds in virtual reality.

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B3 Aachen Südpark

For the redevelopment plan of this area in south Aachen, a programmatic and flexible green space framed by different housing typologies and a new university campus is proposed.

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Building a knife

Take a look at a recent knife project and its creation. Starting with a selected piece of steel and a piece of wood, a blade is forged and assembled with a handle to form a finished knife.

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Combining my passion for technology and design, I find architecture a very interesting field. Finding solutions that balance functionality and beauty that matter to humans in their daily lives is a very exciting challenge.


From architecture visualization over drawing to digital art, I love experimenting with different styles and techniques. Whether on paper, digital or in virtual reality, it is always about creating beautiful images that tell a story.


Building things with my hands has really grown on me since I was a small child. I still remember building a steam machine with my dad when I was little, what a joy! I later started blacksmithing, completing small projects at my forge in the garden. Nowadays, I mostly forge knives.


Sometimes the tools at hand do not solve our current problems. I love analyzing situations and coming up with new strategies, solutions and new tools, especially when I can program them myself when I need them.

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